ROH On HDNet Recap 8/30/10

Tyler Black explains his decision to go to the WWE and then takes on Steve Corino in the main event, the Kings of Wrestling take on El Generico & Colt Cabana, Eddie Edwards competes in another 10-Minute Hunt, and Roderick Strong and the House of Truth are in action this week on ROH On HDNet!

Quick Results

– Tyler Black announced his intention to go to the WWE with the ROH World Title.

– Roderick Strong & The House of Truth beat Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge and Jay Freddy.

– The Kings of Wrestling beat El Generico & Colt Cabana after a distraction from Kevin Steen & Steve Corino

– Eddie Edwards submitted Mike Sydal in under a minute

– Terry Funk is announced as the ‘ringside vigilante’ for the main event at GBH9.

– Tyler Black beat Steve Corino. After the match Steen & Corino attacked Black, who was saved by Generico & Cabana. Roderick Strong attempted to attack as well but Tyler fought him off.

Full Results

– The show begins with ROH World Champion Tyler Black in the ring with Jim Cornette. Jim wastes no time in addressing the fact that Tyler’s contract is up soon and he’s received offers from every major wrestling company in the country (both of them?). Tyler points out that he’s been working hard for 6 years to get to this position and that he loves ROH and has achieved his dream in winning the world title, but at the end of the day you can’t outbid a Connecticut billionaire. Tyler points out that so many of the fans telling him he’s selling out are the same ones that were booing him at every show and disrespecting him, so he will not respect them either. He states that he is only contractually obliged to turn up and wrestle for his final set of dates, and implies he will intentionally lose to keep the belt so that he can take it with him to the WWE and raise his own stock. Cornette looks very disappointed but Tyler is happy and raises the belt to the fans, who were fairly comatose throughout.

– Heavy stuff to start us off, cue opening titles!

Tonight: Tyler Black vs. Steve Corino.

Match 1: 6-Man Tag Team Match

Roderick Strong & The House of Truth vs. Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge & Jay Freddy

Preview: Ever since Roddy was put with the House of Truth I’ve been interested in seeing how he would work with them as a unit, so here’s my chance. It’s also a chance to see recent signee Mike Bennett in action for the first time.

Recap: I can see why Bennett got signed, he’s much bigger than I anticipated. He and Abel go at it to start things off and Abel slaps Bennett in the face, who responds in kind moments later. Body slam! Roderick tags in and pensively locks up with Bennett but eventually gets the better of a lock-up battle. Unfortunately Bennett quickly makes him eat a dropkick and then tags in Ridge. Two round kicks, a spinning sole but, and a running knee lift from Mr. Right Leg only get two. Josh Raymond gets a blind tag and attacks Ridge from behind. Quick tag to Abel and they hit their step-up powerbomb onto Ridge. Roddy back in now and he goes to work with chops and then an awful lot of stomps. Ridge escapes a House double-team and tags Jay Freddy who hits a nice dropkick on Abel but Roderick suckers him in and hits a huge gutbuster. Ridge and Bennett brawl to the outside with the House and leave Roddy to Sick Kick Freddy’s face off. Forgetaboutit.

Winners: The House of Truth & Roderick Strong via Pin-Fall (Sick Kick)

Review: Bennett looked pretty good during his time in the ring, and Andy Ridge sure knows hot to throw some right legged kicks, but the rest of this match was pretty meaningless. Freddy and Ridge were each given about 10 seconds to hit moves before the House ganged up on them, which is a pretty short window to impress people. This was just an excuse for Roddy to kill someone and put over the House as a unit. Prazak & Hog’s attempts to interject about the importance of the iPPV felt a little wrong to me as the match in progress was never in any doubt, and it seemed beneath someone challenging for the ROH World Title in less than two weeks.

– After the match Roderick points out that since he joined up with Truth Martini he hasn’t lost a match. He talks up his goal to beat Tyler and win the ROH World Title.

– Kevin Steen and Steve Corino are in the back and Steen is talking about how the steel chain is his new best friend, and he’s going to use it to rip El Generico’s head off.

– Meanwhile Colt Cabana and El Generico are somewhere identical-looking backstage and Cabana admits Steerino are eloquent and violent, but GeneriColt can take them when the odds are even. Cabana cuts a very long-winded promo and probably needs to breath.

Match 2 – Non-Title Tag Team Match

El Generico & Colt Cabana vs. The Kings of Wrestling

Preview: Any chance to see the Kings in action is great in my eyes, and Generico is ROH’s resident work-horse. He’s got fantastic chemistry with Hero and should work very well with Claudio. Cabana has wrestled both of the Kings many, many times in the past too, so if nothing else, I expect this match to be smooth.

Recap: Not really relevant to the match, but the KOW theme is awesome and Sara Del Rey is looking hot tonight. Cabana starts out with his normal brand of chicanery, taking control of the arm. Quick takedowns and pin attempts galore. Generico in and Hero quickly overpowers him and brings in Claudio. Hurricarana by Generico and a ten-punch in the corner followed by a leg lariat. Hero tags back in but Generico outsmarts them both and does his wrap-around arm drag but transitions from one man to the other first. Arm drags everywhere. Blind tag to Claudio and Hero rolls through the ropes and the Kings take turns to kick Generico in the face as Hero kicks Cabana off the apron. Double straight-jacket toss by the Kings into the corner. Leaping elbow strike in the corner by Hero and then he tosses Generico into Claudio’s bicycle kick. Cabana attempts to distract Claudio but Hero just uses it as an opportunity to attack Generico. Another tag and Claudio holds Generico up in a bearhug and Hero decks him with a running elbow to the face. Hero briefly tries to unmask Generico but gives up. Bearhug from Castagnoli but Generico fights his way free for a moment, only to be powerslammed hard. King Swing! Hero destroys Generico with a right hand and Claudio returns to the land of the rest hold with a rear chin lock. KRS-ONE attempt is countered and Generico hits a diving hurricanrana on Hero and then rolls all the way through a victory roll to tag Cabana who immediately hits a springboard moonsault on the Kings. Jab city! Bionic elbow for Claudio. Crazy pin attempts by Colt and a unique evasion of the Rolling Elbow (playing dead). Big running lariat by Cabana and things aren’t looking good for KOW. Yakuza! Flying Apple! (Should have reversed that order) Claudio breaks it up from the outside and then he and Cabana get into it. Generico runs the ropes, vaults off Colt’s back and hits a flip dive to the outside! What’s that noise?

It’s the sound of chains hitting the metal ramp, as Steerino are standing there menacingly. Never turn your back on Chris Hero Colt! Huge elbow to the back of the head and this one is over.

Winners: The Kings of Wrestling via Pin-Fall (Death Blow)

Review: Using the noise of a chain hitting something as a distraction is certainly one of the more original match endings I’ve seen in a while, but I can’t help thinking it came too early. It seemed there was more for GeneriColt and the Kings to give and it never really got cooking. The Kings looked like the super-team they are at points, but really need to start defending those damn belts.

– In 2 weeks: Austin Aries vs. Delirious in a Lumberjack match!

– Eddie Edwards is in the ring and it’s 10-Minute Hunt Time. Mike Sydal will be the victim and he appears to have drunk a lot of coffee before this match. Edwards lets him say a few words and then clocks him with the microphone before the bell rings, as we’ve come to expect.

Match 3 – 10-Minute Hunt

Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Sydal

Preview: It’s a 10-Minute Hunt… Eddie will make him tap in under 3 minutes.

Recap: Sydal gets a nice headscissors takeover from a counter to a whip into the corner to start things off. He tries a kick but Edwards drags him forward into the splits and then hits a running round kick to the chest. Sweet. Achilles Lock. Tap out.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Submission (Achilles Lock)

Review: Say what you want about these segments, that splits move was pretty darn good. 36 seconds by the official clock, so I was out by quite a bit. Ah well.

– Cornette is in the back talking about a fan-fest he went to in Charlotte and how he had been talking with a friend about the controversy in Tyler and Roddy’s previous match in New York City. He wants someone at ringside to make sure no funny business goes down with Truth Martini or the House of Truth, and to step in and act as referee if we get a repeat of last time. That enforcer will be Terry Funk…. lame, I wanted Homicide. Cornette claims nobody will mess with Funk. Seriously? We’re meant to believe that a young Tyler Black or Roderick Strong couldn’t take the ancient Funker? Sigh. Cornette logic.

– Hype for GBHIX.

Main Event – Non-Title Match

Steve Corino vs. Tyler Black

Preview: I haven’t seen Civil Warfare, but I heard the match these two had was surprisingly good, with Corino taking a hell of a beating. As long as Corino doesn’t shove his thumb of Tyler’s ass I’m willing to entertain this match.

Recap: Corino mugs Tyler while he’s taking his shirt off and hits his corner-to-corner chop. To the outside already and Tyler is being given a tour of the guard rails. Corino attempts a suicide dive but Tyler leaps and kicks him in the face to interrupt and then throws him into the guard rails instead. Flip dive by Tyler! Back inside and Corino begs for mercy after a back body drop but Tyler gives him none. Nice leg lariat from Corino to regain control. Face manipulation! Body slam! Knee drop from the second rope! Corino is bringing the big guns tonight. Tyler fights back for a moment but Corino hits a running STO to bring his momentum to a halt. Corino continues to out-think Tyler, evading a pair of dropkick attempts, but Tyler hits a rolling thunder dropkick to counter the Eternal Dream. Pair o’ clotheslines and then his trademark school-boy in to a kick to the head. O’Connor roll into a back suplex (kind of a tame Chaos Theory), and then the Shooting Star Splash after a failed Lionsault. Springboard Lariat… Emo roar! Buckle Bomb? No. Beach Break? No. Backslide by Tyler… discus lariat by Corino! Eternal Dream! Tyler kicks out. Corino gets the chain but the referee confiscates it and he walks right into a pele enzuigiri. Corino pulls a fork out of his trunks but Tyler nails him with a Superkick before he can use it. Buckle Bomb! Superkick! Done.

Winner: Tyler Black via Pin-Fall (Superkick)

Review: They essentially took turns to look good here, with Corino’s spell accounting for the middle chunk of the match. Tyler’s flurry at the end established that he is the champion and as such an elite performer, and reminded us that while Corino can be dangerous, he isn’t a main event threat. I’d rather a longer, more competitive match in the main event, but what can you do?

– Steen applauds Tyler after the match but immediately jumps him. Corino hits Tyler with a chain! Here come Cabana and Generico with a chain of their own! They nail Steen and Corino with it and even start brawling with security. The fight spills down into the aisle and now here comes Roderick Strong through the crowd! He beats on Tyler but eventually the champ fights back and knocks Roddy out of the ring before posing with the belt.

– And that’s your show everybody.

Overall: As an episode, this was pretty solid, but as a go-home show, it was up and down. The 6-man tag may not have been the best use of Roddy before his impending title match, even if he did dominate. Using him again at the end to attack Tyler felt more the right thing to do, but having him lose a fist-fight with a guy that’s just wrestled a match and been beaten down by two guys with a chain may not have made Roddy look the most credible guy in the world.

Obviously ROH couldn’t use Haas & Benjamin before the iPPV, so all they can do is have the Kings continue to steam-roll through the roster, and they did just that against GeneriColt. Speaking of which, this was another successful build of the feud of the year, and the inclusion of the chain as both a distraction and a weapon was nice and injected some new desire to see their double-chain match at GBH9.

Eddie Edwards winning a hunt in under a minute seems like the conclusion of the segment as a squash as he’s been shaving time off his wins every time. He’s looked dominant doing so, and I think the audience gets it now; he’s pretty good. I expect more legit defences upcoming.

The main event was too short for my taste, but Corino got to look dangerous in spots, and Tyler got to look stellar, so both got what they needed from it. The post-match brawl was also pretty good.

And finally, Tyler’s farewell promo. It was pretty good from a creative standpoint, and didn’t come across 100% as Tyler selling out and turning his back, whilst at the same time leaving room for him to do so gradually. The crowd didn’t react to it all that much (perhaps they were cursing him out and it was edited?) which hurt it, and it may not have been smart to have the speech appear before his match with Corino as it cut into his support, but given there is no episode next week I guess it had to be fitted in wherever they could.

So as I said, a good show, but it might have been better to make Roddy look a little Stronger, and it would have been nice to tease at least some other matches besides the three main events. I may have missed it, but at this point I don’t think any other bouts have been announced for the card. I have no doubt they’ll pull it together and put on a great card, but promotionally, fans might need more than just three good matches. Or maybe not.

Edit: Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels and Eddie Edwards vs. Shawn Daivari for the TV Title were announced moments after this Recap was posted.

That’ll do it from me this week folks, see you again in two weeks when I’ll be recapping Glory by Honor IX, and then of course the return of my HDNet Recaps.


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