ROH On HDNet Recap – 10/4/10

The American Wolves are each in singles action this week as Eddie Edwards makes a surprise defense of the ROH World Television Championship, and Davey Richards is Kevin Steen’s hand picked opponent for El Generico for Pick Your Poison. Also former world champion Tyler Black makes his penultimate appearance, and much more this week on ROH On HDnet!

Quick Results

– Eddie Edwards retains the TV Title over Kenny King with the Achilles Lock. This began as a 10-Minute Hunt, but after Jim Cornette’s advice, Edwards made it an open challenge for the belt. Shane Hagadorn was ejected from ringside by Edwards.

– Tyler Black pinned Mike Sydal with God’s Last Gift in a squash match.

– Davey Richards defeated El Generico with the Cloverleaf. Richards was chosen by Kevin Steen as Generico’s opponent as a part of Pick Your Poison. Generico will name Steen’s opponent next week.

Full Results

– The show kicks off with a reminder of Davey Richards’ argument with Shane Hagadorn that led to a left hand to the jaw and the dismissal of the American Wolves’ manager.

– Cue opening titles!

– Looks like we’re going to kick things off with a 10-Minute Hunt…

– Eddie Edwards cuts a promo about how nobody has impressed him during these segments so far and begs for real competition. Jim Cornette answers the call, accusing Hagadorn of over-inflating Edwards’ ego with poor challengers, hurting the reputation of the TV Title in the process. Hagadorn interjects claiming Edwards does whatever he says which causes ‘Easy-E’ to send him to the back to pack his bags. Hagadorn begrudgingly does so and we have ourselves an impromptu title match!

Match 1 – ROH World Television Title Match

Eddie Edwards vs. Kenny King

Preview: Any doubts that Edwards is in fact a face these days are officially gone now as he takes on a man that is more similar to him than many people realise, the Pretty-Boy Pit-Bull, Kenny King. I consider these two to be on about the same level on opposite sides of the heel/face dividing line. In fact it’s not impossible to imagine this could be a main event match one day. They have similar skills, but with Edwards’ submission game I like the champ’s chances a little more.

Recap: The Code of Honor is followed, though with some King trash talk thrown in for good measure. Edwards goes to the arm but King hits his gorgeous escape combo – a spin-out, Japanese arm drag and immediate nip-up – earning the right to trash talk in my opinion. Both men miss signature kicks, hit a dropkick at the same time and flip back to their feet for a stalemate. Edwards controls the arm but King backs him to the corner to create space. Edwards reverses a whip but King vaults over him and executes a back handspring unaware that he’s left himself wide open to an Eddie Edwards shining wizard. Eddie gets a school-boy and immediately goes for the Achilles Lock but King gets to the ropes and both men head to the apron. Gourdbuster on the apron by King!!! Brutal. He follows up by leaping onto the guard rail and hitting a leg drop. Back in the ring he locks in an abdominal stretch but Edwards hip-tosses his way free for a moment. He runs the ropes but walks right into a huge sit-out uranage. King heads to the top rope and mugs to the camera before eating an Edwards boot to stun him and then a huge superplex. Clotheslines from Edwards and King ends up on the apron. He attempts to vault over the top rope but Edwards hits his leaping enzuigiri to knock him to the outside. Suicide dive! They both head to the top rope and Edwards shoves King off, though he lands on his feet after another back handspring. It works out just as badly for him as the first time though as he gets drilled with a front missile dropkick. Chin Checker only gets two. Edwards misses a huge double stomp off the top and King creams him with the John Woo Knees. Edwards counters the Coronation but can’t dodge a buzzsaw kick. Edwards fights back and attempts his leaping codebreaker but King CATCHES him and turns it into a swinging side-slam backbreaker and follows up with a springboard blockbuster for two. One half of each of the ANX’s two finishers there. King to the top rope and Edwards has had enough of leaping kicks and decides to just bitch-slap King instead. Both men fight on the top rope and King goes for a super Royal Flush but Edwards hurricanranas him in mid-air! They both roll right through and Edwards sinks in the Achilles Lock for the submission victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Submission (Achilles Lock)

Review: This was an awesome match and a great effort from both men. If my prediction that this could one day be a main event holds true then I don’t think people will be disappointed with what they come up with as they have surprisingly fluid chemistry. I take the point that if Edwards had defences like this a few months ago the TV Title would seem credible, but I think the 10-Minute Hunts were a decent way to go and this match was just the next step in his progression as a champion. I also like the way the heat for the hunts is transferred to Hagadorn. The high-spots were awesome, the reversals were nice, and the finish was fantastic. The streak of great opening matches continues.

– Another highlight package of the double chain match, in fact the same one that aired last week, reminding us that Generico picks Steen’s opponent next week but tonight he must face Davey Richards in the main event.

– Back from commercial with a recap of Tyler’s egotistical comments last month and then highlights of his title loss to Roderick Strong. This leads us directly into Tyler’s match with Mike Sydal. Some say no entrance = jobber, I say no entrance = clever way to disguise the fact he was still champion when this was taped.

Match 2 – Singles Match

Tyler Black vs. Mike Sydal

Preview: Tyler’s penultimate match in ROH could have been against a better opponent, but I’m grateful to be seeing him at all now that he’s left the company. Want a prediction? Homicide. No, not the wrestler, the crime.

Recap: The “You Sold Out!” chants wash over the ring as Tyler just looks around non-plussed. He tosses Sydal to the mat and tells him to bring it on but ends up getting a basement dropkick to each knee. Sydal runs the ropes but is thrown way up into the air and crashes down on his chest. Tyler builds up a head of steam and bowls Sydal over with a huge shoulder block. Body slam and then a jumping stomp to the jaw minus the clapping. Huge hip toss out of the corner and he’s toying with him. He places Sydal in the tree of woe and hits a hesitation dropkick a la Chris Sabin, drawing a “vintage” comment from Prazak. Holy zombie-jesus… Tyler finally connected on a dropsault. For three years I’ve seen him do a backflip and then a regular dropkick, and FINALLY an opponent bought on the flip. I can die happy. Springboard clothesline. Sydal severely botches a sunset flip to counter the Buckle Bomb and nearly accidentally won. He Matrix’s to dodge a clothesline from Tyler and hits two dropkicks and an enzuigiri. Sydal goes for a diving crossbody but Tyler catches him effortlessly and drills him with an F-8. God’s Last Gift. Over.

Winner: Tyler Black via Pin-Fall (God’s Last Gift)

Review: This was essentially a run-through of Tyler’s playbook as he hit signature move after signature move with barely any resistance. The match did its job; it made Tyler look like a superior wrestler, one that belongs in the big leagues.

– Steve Corino and Kevin Steen are backstage with Kyle Durden and Corino asks Durden how many dumb wrestling ideas he sees on TV every week. “Countless.” Corino says ROH does nothing stupid and calls Pick Your Poison the greatest stipulation ever. Steen announces Davey Richards as Generico’s opponent and then puts on the mask and does a high-voiced impersonation to explain why he picked Davey. Corino states it doesn’t matter who Steen’s opponent is next week as nobody can defeat him, good or evil.

– Recap of Davey’s interview that aired at GBH9.

Main Event – Pick Your Poison Match

El Generico vs. Davey Richards

Preview: The Wolves vs. Steenerico was the ROH feud of the year in 2009. You don’t have that many matches against each other without acquiring incredible chemistry, and based on the match these two had at the 8th Anniversary show, I’d say this will be an off the charts main event.

Recap: They shake hands because Davey’s a face now. I’ll miss him kicking the hand away or looking at it and just walking back to his corner, but hey. Davey drops Generico immediately and starts to work the leg, transitioning into a headlock. Generico counters out and goes to the arm but Davey reverses with a fireman’s carry and goes back to the headlock. He rolls through a Russian leg sweep and ties Generico in a knot… before going back to the headlock. Generico fights out and hits his signature three arm drag series. Ole! Surprisingly, Generico wins a chop battle and then hits a leg lariat. Backbreaker! Generico kicks Davey in the face in the corner but he merely roars and stands straight up. Awesome. Generico heads to the second rope but Davey drags him off and into a roundhouse kick in one fluid motion. Trailer Hitch! Generico gets the ropes. More leg work, including a back-bridging grapevine. Stiff round kick and a clothesline as some of the crowd actually boo. Generico escapes a chin-lock and they trade shots with Richards winning the exchange. He attempts the rebound enzuigiri but Generico dropkicks him in the back in mid-air. One guy in the crowd is booing both men for some reason. Davey slides out of the ring and gets wiped out by a Generico flip dive. Flying crossbody back in the ring gets two. Blue Thunder Bomb gets another. Davey steals Edwards’ two-slaps and an enzuigiri combo but follows up with a bridging German suplex for a near fall. To the top rope we both go and Davey eventually hits a huge superplex. They both recover quickly and go forehead to forehead before trading more shots. Alarm Clock! The best one in quite some time in fact. Running elbow smash in the corner from Davey… Yakuza from Generico! Half and half suplex! He goes for the Brainbuster but Davey hits one instead! Generico kicks out. Davey puts Generico back up top but he ends up crotched up their himself… HALF AND HALF SUPERPLEX! Richards needs the ropes to escape the pin. Generico wants the Brainbustaaaaahhhh!!!!! but Davey slips out and attempts a powerbomb but Generico sunset flips it. Davey rolls right through and has the Ankle Lock! Generico rolls through and attempts another half and half suplex but Davey rolls into another Ankle Lock! Generico tries to kick his way free but Davey catches his other foot and transitions into a Cloverleaf! Generico taps!

Winner: Davey Richards via Submission (Cloverleaf)

Review: Awesome main event. It didn’t get to a fever pitch, but those tend to happen more at live events. Both guys worked their tails off and ROH once again proves you can have a main event with high spots without the world coming to an end. Richards really showed off the versatility of his submission game as he didn’t once go for an arm hold, and why would he when he knows about Generico’s long list of knee troubles, many of which were caused by Richards himself. It was a smart call in an often dumb business and I respect it. Generico fired back despite looking an absolute wreck and showed his resilience. The tap-out loss hurts his momentum, but he’s coming off being unmasked anyway and Davey is being positioned for a run at the title, so it’s not the end of the world. Great match.

– Fans throw things in the ring, and not in a respectful way. Very weird crowd. Davey encourages Generico to get to his feet and they shake hands as the jackass in the crowd boos again. A kid throws something at Davey on his way to the top of the ramp where he poses to end the show.

Next week: Shane Hagadorn calls out Davey Richards.

Overall Thoughts

– This was another fantastic show. We got a pair of good, long matches that were well worked by all four men, as well as a squash match that makes sense and was not dull. There were good promos, and once again ROH capitalised on every minute afforded to them in their one hour broadcast. The Wolves shone in their separate outings as fully-fledged faces, and I think it’s safe to say the TV Title isn’t going to be irrelevant anymore. I’ve forgotten who Generico picked as Steen’s opponent, so next week will be as much of a surprise to me as it is to you, but I’m certainly intrigued.

– I actually have less to say about the show than normal, but in a good way. I simply can’t think of any faults, and I’d just be going around in circles if I continued to list the positives. I love where ROH is going right now and can’t wait for each episode, so I’ll see you all next week for more ROH On HDNet!


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