ROH On HDNet Review – 2/7/11

Tag team egos collide and future opponents are forced to team up in the main event as The Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team take on ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling and the All-Night Express in an explosive 8-Man tag match. Meanwhile, new World Television Champion Christopher Daniels and former champion Eddie Edwards agree to a future rematch, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett competes in his second HDNet match, we hear from The House of Truth, and Steve Corino speaks about his future in Ring of Honor.


Opening Segment

R&R: A recap of the TV title match last week.


Christopher Daniels/Eddie Edwards Confrontation


Recap: Edwards and Daniels were invited down to the ring by Jim Cornette and took turns to compliment each other and agreed to a rematch. Daniels wanted more time, Edwards felt nobody could beat him twice in one night, so a 30-minute 2 out of 3 Falls match was agreed to. This brought out Mike Bennett who insulted both men and put the winner of the match on notice.


Review: A pretty decent way to set-up the rematch. Nothing all that exciting happened, but I’d rather see segments like these than read a press-release from the faceless powers that be, and it upheld the status quo with all three men. Eddie needs a little bit of work on the mic, he’s slowly improved over time, but he’s not quite there yet, and it’s something he’ll need to continue to work at if he is in fact going to make it to the main event scene as it seems he is destined to. Mike Bennett calling a segment boring contains a certain amount of irony, and Daniels scolding Bennett for thinking his nice physique was enough for him to get by held a stinging truth.


Steve Corino Backstage Interview

R&R: Kyle Durden informs us that the ROH Top Prospect Tournament begins on the next episode and that Corino requested some time to talk. Corino admits he is evil and that what happened to Kevin Steen was his fault so he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to the prospects. I like this storyline of Corino seeking redemption. Even at his most heinous the crowd often gave Corino a veteran’s respect, so he can pull off a face turn, and as with the best of angles, there’s an element of truth in what he’s saying.


Mike Bennett vs Grizzly Redwood

Recap: Grizzly Redwood put up a bit more of a fight than Nick Dinsmore, actually kicking out of the spinebuster that won Bennett’s debut match but the result was in little doubt, and The Prodigy defeated the Littlest Lumberjack with a stiff powerslam that saw Redwood land on his neck.


Review: ROH’s ‘next Rock’ has now defeated Eugene and the indy wrestling equivalent of Eugene. That may sound harsh to Grizz, but Dinsmore pinned Triple H, so let’s call it even. Hardly a mind-blowing start for The Prodigy, but he hasn’t looked terrible in defeating his competition. He seems to be basking in the warm glow of the “you can’t wrestle” chants and playing up to them. For example, I enjoyed him teasing a dive to the outside only to stomp on the fingers of Grizz and taunt the crowd. I think playing up to the WWE bodybuilder stereotype may be a good way to go, but we’re yet to see if he can still deliver in a significant match that goes more than five minutes.


House of Truth Backstage Promo

R&R: Roderick Strong stated that everybody who has come into the House so far has failed to impress him with the exception of Bennett. Ouch to Josh Raymond and Christian Abel. Roddy called Davey a supposed Goliath, shouldn’t that be the other way around?


The Briscoes & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team


The Kings of Wrestling & The All-Night Express

Recap: In a chaotic main event no winner could be determined as the two teams chose to brawl with each other, with the ANX laying out the Kings and then leaving, and the Briscoes and WGTT arguing over who should get to win the match. This was the peak of what had been the theme of the entire match; for the first five minutes the Kings refused to tag in, and for the next the Briscoes refused to tag out. When all 8 men finally entered the ring things broke down and communication broke down completely, resulting in the referees throwing the match out.


Review: I kind of liked the dynamic of making future opponents team up, but a pair of coin tosses to determine who would start was a little bit much. The match was little more than a tease to the 9th Anniversary Show, and it was amusing to see the teams not getting along, but I think that purpose could have been achieved in a slightly shorter match. Things really fell apart when Haas entered the ring, as Claudio and Titus both seemed completely unsure what to do with him and it led to some awkward moments. The blame surely lies with the aggressors, but Haas has seemed to be plagued with a bit of bad luck in recent times in terms of communication with ROH wrestlers. He and Shelton are still awesome though, so I’m not blaming him.


Overall Thoughts


– Essentially back to back one-match-show episodes as the main event got over twenty minutes, with the rest of the episode taken up by a Mike Bennett squash match, two backstage interviews, a vignette and an in-ring confrontation segment between Daniels, Edwards and Bennett. Unfortunately this week’s one-match wasn’t as good as last’s, and the episode overall was a bit of a step down from the previous one. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good, but that tends to happen in the last episode of a set of tapings. We’re back in Philly next episode for the start of the final curtain for ROH On HDNet, and while that saddens me greatly, with new tapings comes fresh excitement, so I look forward to the final episodes.


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