ROH Revolution Canada Preview

Concluding ROH’s Revolution double-shot, Ring of Honor heads north of the border for a pair of title matches, a loving tribute to Larry Sweeney, two big rematches and the debut of a brand new match. More importantly than all the match outcomes, will the whole roster make it into Canada without any hold-ups? Time will tell!

ROH World Title Match

Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Hero


Preview: After years of being teammates through their mutual allegiance to Sweet N’ Sour Inc. and allies due to Shane Hagadorn managing their respective teams, Hero and Edwards will meet in singles action for just the second time in an ROH ring (and as far as I know anywhere in the world). Their first encounter was a strong one that was cut short by an unfortunate Edwards shoulder separation that forced them to go home early and somewhat ruined the entire Survival of the Fittest event. Hero got his win back by scoring the deciding pin-fall on Edwards in the epic Wolves/Kings match in Plymouth last December after three consecutive rolling elbows. This action was all Hagadorn needed to secure a title match for his client, and with the two teams meeting in a tag contest the night before Hero could enter the match with two recorded wins against the champion. Still, it’s only solo competition that truly counts when it comes to the ROH World Title, and Edwards still has the advantage in that regard. Can the challenger’s awesome striking ability overcome the unrivaled resilience of the champion once more? Or will Edwards make his second title defense at the expense of a King?

Prediction: Eddie Edwards defeats Chris Hero clean in an unexpectedly fantastic match. Both men share a love for striking, high impact power moves, and are both surprisingly agile and more than capable of mixing it up on the ground. Edwards’ Achilles Lock may be the x-factor as it can not only take away a good portion of Hero’s arsenal, but also lead to a submission victory.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Briscoes

Preview: During the penultimate set of ROH On HDNet TV tapings the Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Teams had a war of words that set up a true dream tag match at the 9th Anniversary Show. Haas & Benjamin overcame the Briscoes’ assertions that they were too soft to take on a ‘real’ team and handed ROH’s most decorated duo a resounding loss, and in the process earned a title shot against the Kings of Wrestling, leading directly to them capturing the ROH World Tag Team Titles. This was the first in a run of losses that did not sit at all well with the Briscoes, causing them to become far more aggressive in their quest to dominate the tag team division once more. Now these two wunder-teams will tangle again, this time with the gold on the line. Their first match was pretty good but ended a little early for my liking so I hope to see the two teams wrestle for a few extra minutes and throw in some more false finishes.

Prediction: Haas & Benjamin retain against the Briscoes. I honestly don’t think it’s impossible to imagine the Briscoes get the belts back, but this soon? Probably not. These heel-Briscoes have been more compelling than the last few years of face-Briscoes and they’re more likely to still be here in 2012, but ROH will save such a title switch for iPPV. I don’t think this will go down completely clean, but I’d confident WGTT walk away still champs.

Grudge Match

Christopher Daniels vs. El Generico


Preview: El Generico moved on from his year-long blood-feud with Kevin Steen to a battle with the House of Truth that started off with an innocent world title match against Roderick Strong and has now become a multi-man war that’s spanned more than three months. Strong and Truth Martini threw Michael Elgin at the Generic Luchador to prevent him from challenging for the title again but Generico has still managed to come out on top against the group more often than not. But now the House has a new member: The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. After stealing the Book of Truth to find a way to defeat Strong, Daniels ended up being corrupted by its teachings and now finds himself aligned with his former nemesis, striking El Generico with the Book of Truth to seal the deal. Turns out Mr. Generico doesn’t take too kindly to being force-fed hard cover books and now he wants some revenge! Generico vs House of Truth version 7.0 in Toronto!

Prediction: Christopher Daniels defeats El Generico after some help from Truth Martini/Michael Elgin/Roderick Strong/all of the above. Yes, I’m predicting Generico goes winless this weekend and gets defeated in his native land. That won’t be a popular call, but I can’t see Roddy losing four singles matches in a row, including two to Generico, so I think he’s a lock to go over, and I think they’ll want to show Daniels’ joining the House of Truth has made him stronger so he’ll go over Cabana and Generico. The interference will keep Generico from looking weak on paper, but people will complain as they always do when a man who is never going to win the ROH World Title loses a match. Boo-Hoo.

Big Bang! Rematch

Davey Richards vs Kenny King

Preview: Three huge things happened when these two met at the Big Bang! last year. Kenny King proved he’s a viable singles competitor who could conceivably make it to the main event. Davey Richards entered the Pick 6 for the first time and began his meteoric rise to the world title picture. Christopher Daniels returned and shocked the world. Oh, and it was a show-stealing match in my opinion. Now both men are faces, King’s stock has continued to gradually rise, and Richards hasn’t lost a singles match in 2011. Essentially Davey needs to tap another opponent out to keep him busy before he decides he wants a title shot, and King needs to test the main event waters again to get him ready for being a title contender in 2012.

Prediction: Davey Richards submits Kenny King. I can’t see a way these two have anything other than a fantastic match.

In Memory of Sweet ‘N’ Sour Larry Sweeney

Delirious vs. Colt Cabana

Preview: Though Larry Sweeney’s passing hit Chikara harder than any other company, Ring of Honor was a place that Sweet ‘N’ Sour called home for just over two years, and with one of his best friends currently in charge of booking the company, it was only fitting that a significant tribute would take place on an ROH show. Colt Cabana and Delirious competed with Sweeney in a triple threat match in IWA: Mid-South a few years ago that was alleged to be utterly hilarious, and as two of Sweeney’s best friends, it could be no-one but these two wrestling each other in the name of their fallen comrade. It speaks volumes about the impact Sweeney had on the lives of these guys that Delirious has opted to come out of ROH-retirement in his honour. Wins and losses aren’t important here, it’s just two guys that loved Larry putting on another hilarious match in his memory.

Prediction: Colt Cabana defeats Delirious in a whacky, funny and emotional match.

Manhattan Mayhem IV Rematch

Steve Corino vs. ‘The Prodigy’ Mike Bennett


Preview: One night after Steve Corino returns to ROH and addresses the fans about his future he will be taking on his most recent nemesis and the man that caused him to temporarily revert to his evil old ways. Could this be Corino’s final ROH match? Will he be pure once again? Is the Trouble King back? We’ll have to wait and see, but what we know for sure is the super-unpopular Mike Bennett is going to get booed out of the building, thanks in no small part to the fact said building is located in Corino’s native Canada.

Prediction: Mike Bennett defeats Steve Corino to advance his push to the top.

Special Challenge Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kyle O’Reilly


Preview: Following a breath-taking tag team encounter between the Kings of Wrestling and Team CO’Reilly in Atlanta last month there’s enough unfinished business to justify a first time match between Claudio and Kyle O’Reilly. And why not? They’re both awesome wrestlers and it’s a fresh match-up on a reasonably small roster. Better yet, O’Reilly appeared to be seconds away from making Castagnoli tap out or pass out to a guillotine choke during the aforementioned tag team match. Can Kyle make lightning strike twice? Or will a very angry Claudio take out his frustration at a lack of a world title match on the promising rookie? More than likely the latter, but at the very least we’ll get a continuation of the Kyle O’Reilly Is Awesome campaign.

Prediction: Claudio Castagnoli destroys Kyle O’Reilly despite a valiant effort from the youngster.

The Double Danger Scramble

Rhett Titus vs. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin

vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Andy ‘Right-Leg’ Ridge


Preview: OK let me explain this match. 6 men compete, but only two are legally in the ring at a time. Lucha tags are in effect so leaving the ring allows someone else to enter in your place. Standard 6-man scramble match right? Wrong. To win this bout you need to record two victories. There are no eliminations, so it’s a first-to-two type of deal. Even if you’re not confused you should still be scratching your head as to what the exact point in this match is. I have faith that the talent of the guys involved will lead to a decent multi-man match, and in theory it’s going to allow more than just one man to shine, but I’d still rather they just had it as a one-fall affair. Titus, Cole and Elgin are rising stars who have been really solid this year, and I personally am a fan of Ciampa  too. Ridge has looked better every time he’s stepped into the ring and even Grizzly is at his best in these sort of matches where he can just pick his spots. I just worry that the time it will take for any of them to score two wins is going to make the match last twice as long as it should.

Prediction: Tomasso Ciampa triumphs with the assistance of his Embassy allies. Of everyone in this match he’s the one in most need of a victory. With any luck Titus, Cole and Elgin will get a pin, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Ridge or Redwood sneak one in, but I doubt all five will manage to do so, and they’re the two I’d snub. Hmm… Ridge getting a win here makes him look good without him actually winning the match so I could buy him over Elgin maybe, who manages to look strong every time he steps in a ring.

Overall Thoughts

Just like the USA event this card looks great until you look at one of the matches, and in this case it’s the Double Danger Scramble. I for one think it might provide some decent action as long as it doesn’t go too long. If things are fast and furious and we get something crazy like Elgin pinning Redwood in the first ten seconds of the match then I think it might be a fun opener. Even if it stinks up the joint five of the other six matches promise to be awesome, and Corino might get to beat up on Bennett for a few minutes which we’ll all enjoy. Cabana and Delirious is going to be a must-see, Claudio/O’Reilly could steal the show, and Davey vs King can’t fail to be great.

Daniels and Generico might just be the two most consistent performers on the roster so the only way it can be poor is if there’s a B.S. finish (quite likely). The Briscoes and WGTT was a main event match last time, and now it’s the semi-main, and in my experience taking the pressure off a match makes it better. Finally the main event may not seem so star-studded on paper, but the half a match they had last year was going great guns until it was cut short, and they’re both very creative wrestlers with fantastic chemistry so I’d look for them to put on an exhibition in singles main event wrestling.

Overall I think this is the stronger card of the two, but two of the matches have the potential to be bad-out-loud compared to the one and only sure-fire terrible encounter the night before. That being said, the big matches on this night are better than the big ones here, and the six-man scramble won’t necessarily be a stinker so I maintain this is the better show.


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