ROH Revolution USA Preview

Kicking things off on Friday night in lovely Dearborn, Michigan we have a pair of matches with violence guaranteed, two big rematches, a grudge encounter and even a talk segment. ROH made sure to note that this event was taking place near the ‘Murder City’ of Detroit, so apparently death is on the cards… not one to be missed!

Kings vs Wolves II

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

Preview: When these two elite teams met for the first time in December in Plymouth, Massachusetts it was billed as the Wolves’ last hunt together before they began devoting all their attention to their singles careers. I don’t think ROH ever stated this would be the final time they competed as a team but people took it that way anyway and have taken delight in calling this their third last match ever. Small print aside, four of ROH’s heaviest hitters will be stepping into the same ring and one of them is the current Ring of Honor World Champion, so this match needs no further shilling. Want some anyway? OK. The team that dominated 2009 meets the team that dominated 2010 for just the second time in a return of one of the most underrated matches of last year. Plus everyone is predicting Eddie and Davey are going to out and out turn on each other given how things went during their last match against Haas & Benjamin and an exchange of unintentionally heated words. I’m not convinced they’ll come to blows just yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar things are going to get a little more awkward by the end of the show.

Prediction: Kings of Wrestling defeat American Wolves when Hero pins Edwards thanks to miscommunication between the Wolves. Things get tense but nobody turns on their partner just yet.

No Disqualification Match

El Generico vs. Roderick Strong

Preview: For the third time in 2011 Roderick Strong will meet El Generico in a singles match, only this time with no disqualifications. Generico’s issues with the House of Truth have consumed the entire year, seeing him win and lose a pair of matches with Michael Elgin, come up short in a four corner elimination and singles match thanks to interference, and defeat Strong after he had lost the world title. Things took an unexpected turn when Christopher Daniels joined the House of Truth and attacked Generico, leading to this rubber match. They’ve each registered a victory, so I suppose we need to see who the better man really is. But with the No DQ stipulation and with at least three men ready to interfere on Strong’s behalf can Generico overcome the odds for a second time?

Prediction: Roderick Strong defeats El Generico thanks to interference from the House of Truth. I was stunned Generico went over so resoundingly last time, and Strong needs to regain credibility after losing the title.

First Blood Match

The Briscoes vs. The All-Night Express

Preview: When the Briscoes and the All-Night Express met at Manhattan Mayhem IV it seemed like just the latest in a long line of matches between the two teams. Indeed it seemed like whenever ROH couldn’t think of anything to do with these four they threw them together for old time’s sake. Unfortunately for King and Titus, their upset victory came at a price: a very upset pair of Briscoes. A wild post-match brawl broke out and the duos have been at each other’s throats ever since, whether it be backstage, around the ringside area or within the confines of an actual match. Fists have flown, a table was broken, and a great deal of blood has been shed. Now however the aim of the game is to NOT bleed as their grudge reaches a new level. The rules couldn’t be simpler: first team to bleed loses. No word yet on whether both members of the team have to be bloodied to lose or not, but it’ll likely be quite the slug-fest regardless.

Prediction: If ROH go with a both-men-must-bleed stipulation I’m thinking the ANX have the match won but some sort of referee misdirection causes them to get cheated and lose. If it’s a first man to bleed scenario then I think the Briscoes lose but then lay King and Titus out with a particularly devastating move to show they don’t care about bleeding, they’re out to hurt people.

Non-Title Challenge Match

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Preview: In their short time with ROH Haas & Benjamin have faced almost every team the company has to offer, from the Kings of Wrestling, to the Briscoes, to the American Wolves, and even the All-Night Express and the Bravados. But there’s one tandem waiting in the wings who would love to capitalise on their fast-rising stock in the wrestling world and make a name for themselves by defeating the new champions in a non-title match. That team is none other than the young and exciting Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. Should the rookies manage a victory they’re almost guaranteed a title shot down the road, but can their lack of experience stand up against the veteran champions? Probably not, but it’ll still be a hell of a match.

Prediction: Haas & Benjamin defeat Cole & O’Reilly clean in another match where CO’Reilly do everything but win.

Grudge Match

Colt Cabana vs. Christopher Daniels


Preview:When Christopher Daniels joined the House of Truth at the expense of El Generico and Colt Cabana it became clear this match was bound to happen. But when? Why the very next show of course! Cabana and Daniels know each other extremely well, dating all the way back to the days of the Second City Saints and the Prophecy, but are both arguably better than ever here in 2011. Daniels has been tearing it up since returning to ROH, allying with one of the only men that managed to defeat him to form a dangerous super-group intent on taking over Ring of Honor. Meanwhile Cabana has spent the last six months demanding honourable competition, battling some of the best scientific wrestlers on the indie scene and defeating almost all of them. Also, Daniels has technically been stripped off the TV Title but is electing to continue wearing it in a wonderful heel move. That really plays no role in the match, it’s just awesome.

Prediction: Daniels defeats Cabana by less than fair means. I don’t think they’ll go with two run-in assisted victories in one night for the House, so look for a foot on the ropes or pulling the tights, some kind of underhanded tactic like that.

Honor Takes Center Stage Rematch

Homicide vs. Tomasso Ciampa

Preview: Prince Nana’s latest ‘Project’ Tomasso Ciampa shocked the world at Honor Takes Center Stage by defeating The Notorious 187 with a Northern Lights Suplex of all things. Homicide was none too pleased with the loss, especially as it came after several interference attempts by the Embassy – who now boast an entourage four people deep. Homicide made some cryptic references to re-opening the gates of hell, so we’ll have to see if anything unusual goes down in this rematch.

Prediction: Homicide defeats Tomasso Ciampa. There’s no way they have Homicide lose back to back singles matches, particularly against a non-main event talent like Ciampa. I’d imagine the Embassy try their best to interfere and it somehow backfires or Homicide out-cheats them to get the win. Heck, Julius Smokes may even appear to neutralise the outside presence of Nana and company.

‘The Prodigy’ Mike Bennett vs. Grizzly Redwood


Preview: I honestly can’t imagine a less exciting match in the wrestling world right now. Yours truly has given Bennett the benefit of the doubt time and time again amidst a maelstrom of criticism from my peers, yet he’s managed to look little more than average during every foray into an ROH ring. Not just average, FCW developmental Ken-doll average. Nevertheless, he’s here to stay and plans on taking the world title by the end of 2011 so

Prediction: Bennett defeats Redwood in dominant fashion but nobody cares.

Michael Elgin vs. Andy ‘Right-Leg’ Ridge


Preview: It’s been a bumpy ride for Mr. Ridge since he began his Trial Series towards the end of last year. Despite losing all five of his matches in said trial series he managed to earn a spot on the regular roster. Feeling good about himself, he entered the Top Prospect Tournament and recorded his first singles win against Grizzly Redwood in the opening round. He then lost to Mike Bennett and has had little success in tag team and multi-man matches since then. Meanwhile Michael Elgin has taken ROH by storm, joining the House of Truth and acting as their enforcer, destroying targets designated by Truth Martini and Roderick Strong. Still, despite his undeniable ability, Elgin hasn’t registered that many victories so far and is looking to change all that.

Prediction: Elgin smushes Ridge like a bug.

Steve Corino Addresses the Fans

Preview: Upon reaching the Autumn of his professional life, Steve Corino decided to turn over a new leaf and fight the good fight, putting his dastardly ways behind him an effort to leave the wrestling business a little better than it was when he started. He’s thus far resisted the underhanded tactics that have long been his calling card, offering advice to the younger wrestlers on the roster and competing honorably. Unfortunately for the King of Old School, Mike Bennett got under his skin enough to force him to fall of the wagon for one night, frustrating Corino enough to take the entire month of April off and travel to Australia to do some soul searching. Now Corino is back and he’ll be telling the fans just what is on his mind one night before he faces Bennett in a rematch from Manhattan Mayhem IV.

Prediction: I’d be crazy to try and guess what a person is going to say in a promo segment.

Overall Thoughts

If you ignore the Bennett/Redwood match this is a very good show, with every match being either important or interesting. Elgin vs Ridge will probably be better than people are expecting, Homicide vs Ciampa has some intrigue to it after Homicide’s interesting comments in a video wire, and Ciampa is coming off winning the Super-8 Tournament. Cabana/Daniels will give us the first glimpse of Daniels as a wrestler for the House of Truth and will act as a preview of the inevitable HoT/GeneriColt match that’s coming down the road.

WGTT vs CO’Reilly will give the fans ten minutes of fast-paced wrestling action, while ANX vs the Briscoes will be a good old fashioned slobberknocker. Generico vs Strong is probably going to be a good match ruined by interference but will also likely continue the trend of the House feuding with GeneriColt. Finally the main event is a rematch but what a rematch it is. With Hero challenging Edwards for the title the next night there’s all number of preview possibilities to be toyed with, not to mention the impending break-up of the Wolves. I think the Toronto card is slightly stronger, but as B-Show’s go this is one of the best you’ll see this year.

Disclaimer: Finally I want to extend a formal apology to ROH World for inadvertently using one of their custom-created images as the previously featured picture on this blog post. I have apologised for this error to them in private and sincerely hope they accept it was an honest mistake.


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