Mission Statement

Greetings wrestling fans, and welcome to the Blog of Honor. My name is Matt Waters and I am one of the small cogs that make up the vastly talented Pro Wrestling Ponderings machine. If you’ve never checked the site out before, I can’t recommend it enough, although you’ll need to wait until September to do so as the site is currently down for maintenance, which brings me to the point at hand.

On a weekly basis I recap ROH On HDNet for PWPonderings, a job I relish due to my intense fandom of the promotion in question. So with the main site taking a summer break, I decided to follow suit of several of the other writers and set up my own blog dedicated to the company I provide coverage of.

So that end, I’ll reiterate, welcome to the Blog of Honor.

I’ll be posting all of my ROH On HDNet Recaps here, so my archive can be viewed at your leisure, but this blog will also play host to a litany of ROH related articles, from reviews of live events, past classics, musings on the state of the company, and future predictions.

I hope you all enjoy it, and make sure to check out the works of my colleagues. Links to their blogs can be found on the right hand side of the page.



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