Andy Ridge

Nicknames: Right-Leg

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 188lbs

From: Staten Island, New York

ROH Debut: 2009

Years Pro: 2

Trained By: Delirious, ROH Academy

Allies: Grizzly Redwood

Rivals: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly

Career Highlights: None

Finishers: Superkick, High Velocity Knee Strike, Yakuza Kick

Signature Moves: Various Other Right-Legged Strikes


A young, recently graduated ROH student with aspirations for the big-time, Ridge is respectful and diligent, but does not appreciate being taken lightly. His nickname of right-leg stems from the fact that he once broke his right leg and the tendons healed together too tightly, strengthening it significantly. He has won several breaking competitions with his right leg.


Due to his fortunate abnormality almost all of Ridge’s offence stems from his right leg. With a variety of kicks – standing spinning, jumping or running – Ridge is capable of scoring a knock-out shot at any time. His leg also grants him improved leaping ability, and his athleticism allows him to take to the air with great skill.



Career Summary

Ridge entered the ROH training academy and studied under head trainer Delirious, appearing sporadically on ROH On HDNet to face off against far more experienced opponents, always coming up short. He has also competed on a number of pre-shows and dark matches, impressing, but rarely winning. He is a big part of ROH’s newest sister promotion, Pro Wrestling Respect, where he owns a win, a draw and a loss.

Current Storylines

Since graduating from the ROH Academy Ridge has done his best to make it onto the main ROH roster. Keen to gauge his skills, ROH have taken a page out of the Japanese playbook in the form of a Trial Series. Ridge will wrestle five matches against veteran opponents and be assessed by ROH management. At the end of these matches he may be offered a roster spot. So far he has lost to Colt Cabana, Ricky Reyes, Homicide and Mark Briscoe. His final match will be against Christopher Daniels.


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