Colt Cabana

Nicknames: Boom-Boom

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 233lbs

From: Chicago, Illinois

ROH Debut: 2002

Years Pro: 11

Trained By: Ace Steel, Danny Dominion, Kevin Quinn

Allies: El Generico, Grizzly Redwood, Delirious

Rivals: Steve Corino, Kevin Steen, Chris Hero

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion (x2)

Finishers: Billy Goat’s Curse, Colt .45, Super Gutbuster

Signature Moves: Flying Apple, Bionic Elbow, Various Pinning Sequences


ROH’s resident jokester, Cabana believes in having fun in wrestling and is known for his extensive audience interaction and mocking his opponents. He has a serious side though, standing up for what he believes is right and has shown a capacity for violence.


Cabana is a big fan of old-style British wrestling, and uses a lot of comedic pinning sequences and takedowns fashioned after the legendary Johnny Saint. Cabana is a gifted brawler, and is known for his trademark jabs and elbows. He is also surprisingly nimble and can springboard off the ropes.

Career Summary

– Cabana debuted for ROH in 2002, joining CM Punk’s Second City Saints group along with their trainer and friend Ace Steel. He and Punk would twice win the ROH Tag Team Titles and the group would also feud with the Prophecy during the first few years of their existence. In 2005 CM punk announced his intention to leave for the WWE and Cabana would defeat him in his final match with the company in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

– Colt began an eight month feud with Homicide which saw him beaten to a bloody pulp by Homicide on several occasions, including being choked with a coat hanger and having Drano poured down his throat. Cabana finally defeated his rival in a Chicago Street Fight and the pair shook hands as he had finally won Homicide’s respect.

– Cabana would then chase the ROH World Championship and faced Bryan Danielson in a series of matches, including a 60-minute draw in a two out of three falls match in which each man scored a fall. In late 2006 Cabana draw the anger of Jimmy Jacobs after revealing he had slept with Lacey. Cabana would leave the company in early 2007 after signing with the WWE.

– Two years later Cabana made his surprise return to ROH and would spend six months battling Prince Nana’s Embassy faction, embarrassing them on numerous occasions. After witnessing Kevin Steen turn on El Generico, Cabana took it upon himself to demand answers from Steen, having been friends with both men. He would help Generico out of his depression and has since joined him in his war against Steen and his new ally Steve Corino. The four engaged in a series of violent matches for much of 2010, despite Cabana’s frustrations with being unable to break free of the war.

Current Storylines

After defeating Steve Corino in an I Quit match, Cabana declared he was done with the lengthy feud between Steen and Generico and wanted to get back to what he loves most, wrestling. He has demanded ROH brings him the world’s top technical wrestlers to test his skills. His goal is still to one day win the ROH World Title.


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