Davey Richards

Nicknames: None

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 205lbs

From: Othello, Washington

ROH Debut: 2006

Years Pro: 6

Trained By: Tony Kozina

Allies: Eddie Edwards

Rivals: Roderick Strong, Shane Hagadorn, The Kings of Wrestling, Tyler Black

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion (x2), 2009 Toronto Gauntlet Winner

Finishers: Cross-Armbreaker, Kimura, Cloverleaf, DR Driver, Shooting Star Press

Signature Moves: Alarm Clock, Ankle Lock, German Suplex, Various Kicks


Richards does not believe in good guys and bad guys, but rather believes in the glory of the fight, demanding the absolute best from himself and his opponents. Known for his trademark intensity, Richards is not in wrestling to make friends. Austin Aries has labelled him a “hard-kicking prick”.


Richards is known for his deadly array of kicks and submission holds, preferring to force his opponent to tap out than get a quick pin over them. He is well versed in amateur wrestling as well, and his incredible athleticism will see him take to the air intermittently. All in all, Richards is an incredibly dangerous competitor.

Career Summary

– Richards debuted in ROH in 2006, immediately feuding with Jimmy Rave and besting him on several occasions. Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA took notice of Richards and elected to make him his American protege, but the two found little success together and separated with KENTA defeating Richards in a match.

– Davey formed a new group with Roderick Strong and later Rocky Romero called the No Remorse Corps, and the trio waged war on Austin Aries’ Resilience group. Richards & Romero enjoyed a brief run with the ROH World Tag Team Titles, but Davey was unhappy with the treatment he received from his stablemates and so jumped at the chance to leave the group, signing with Larry Sweeney’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc., attacking Strong in the process. Sweeney began to send Richards on tours of Japan to sharpen his skills, and upon his return he was paired with stablemate Eddie Edwards to form a tag team called the American Wolves.

– The Wolves made an immediate impact on the tag team division by injuring Mark Briscoe and Kevin Steen. The pair went on to capture the titles from Kevin Steen & El Generico and embarked on a long and dominant reign as champions, turning back Steenerico on several occasions under a number of different stipulations, ultimately ending their feud in the second ever Ladder War. The Wolves would lose the titles to the Briscoes at the end of the year.

– Richards had begun to find success as a singles wrestler also, taking former mentor KENTA to the limit, as well as defeating company ace Bryan Danielson, and winning the first Toronto Gauntlet to earn a shot at the world title, a match he would lose to Austin Aries after being knocked unconscious. Richards worked his way up the rankings to unsuccessfully challenge Tyler Black for the world title in what is considered by many to be the match of the year. He would defeat him in two subsequent rematches, though the title was not on the line in either. Around this time Richards reached a major cross-roads in his career, contemplating retirement but ultimately deciding to stay. He would then break away from the management of Shane Hagadorn, going it alone against new rival Christopher Daniels who had taken umbrage with Richards’ claims of being the best wrestler in the world. Richards’ claim was perhaps proven correct when he defeated Daniels one on one.

Current Storylines

Infused with new energy after deciding not to retire at the end of 2010, Richards has spent the best part of two months wrestling in Japan, but his mind is still with ROH where he has an upcoming dream match with the Kings of Wrestling coming up, a match which he claims will be the last hunt for the American Wolves. Instead Richards will attempt to solidify his singles career by capturing the World Title from Roderick Strong. His first chance will come in the main event at Final Battle.


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