Nicknames: The Lizard-Faced Masked Man

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 196lbs

From: “The Edge of Sanity”

ROH Debut: 2004

Years Pro: 9

Trained By: Gateway Championship Wrestling

Allies: Daizee Haze, Jerry Lynn

Rivals: Austin Aries, Kenny King, Rhett Titus

Career Highlights: 2006 Survival of the Fittest Winner

Finishers: Cobra Stretch, Bizarro Driver, Shadows Over Hell, Chemical Imbalance II

Signature Moves: Panic Attack, Cobra Suplex, Headbutt, Jumping Senton


As his name suggests, Delirious is believed to be fairly insane, babbling incoherently before, during, and after his matches. The sound of the opening bell sends him into a frenzy. He likes to have fun in his matches to entertain the crowd at the expense of his opponents, but has exhibited a dangerously dark side to his psyche when pushed, most notably Red Poison Delirious, an attire he dons when at war with an opponent he truly hates.


To compliment his crazy personality, Delirious uses an incredibly unorthodox in-ring style, confusing his opponents with strange takedowns and keeping up a frenetic pace. Despite his shenanigans, Delirious is a more than capable wrestler, technically sound, able to fly, and with a capacity for great brutality when required.

Career Summary

– Delirious arrived in ROH in 2004 but would not win a match for two years despite developing a loyal following from the fans for his entertaining antics. In 2006 ROH commissioner Jim Cornette declared that if he did not win his next match he would be fired. Delirious chose to face Ricky Reyes and scored his first win.

– From here Delirious began to impress against Nigel McGuinness, Matt Sydal and ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson, and went on to win the 2006 Survival of the Fittest. He would also make Danielson tap out in a non-title affair. Delirious began a long feud with Adam Pearce that saw the first outing of his Red Poison attire after Pearce’s Hangmen Three group stapled his mask to his head. Delirious ultimately defeated Pearce and went on to become an ally of Austin Aries’ Resilience in their war with Roderick Strong’s No Remorse Corps.

– In mid-2008 Delirious became romantically interested in Daizee Haze but was foiled by Rhett Titus who produced intimate video footage of himself with Haze (later proven to be fake). Heartbroken, Delirious proved easy pray for the manipulations of Jimmy Jacobs and was recruited as a loyal soldier in the Age of the Fall, donning all-black attire and being kept on a chain, more disturbing than ever. Unfortunately, his loyalty began to wane whenever Daizee was nearby, and when Jacobs attacked her with a railroad spike, it proved the last straw and Delirious assaulted him and left the group.

– With Haze at his side, Delirious trained harder than ever to become World Champion. Dispatching Sonjay Dutt after he made advances on Daizee, Delirious knocked off a number of opponents on his mission to make it to the top. Unfortunately he hit a road block in the form of Austin Aries who injured his throat during a match, and then with the help of the All-Night Express attacked him further after the match. After some time off he returned with a vengeance to wage war on Aries, who continued to run from him and send the All-Night Express to do his fighting for him. Delirious recruited Jerry Lynn as an ally due to his grudge against Kenny King. Delirious ultimately won his feud with Aries by defeating him in a steel cage match but was taken out by the All-Night Express via a pair of spike piledrivers after the match.

Current Storylines

Behind the scenes Delirious has assumed the role of booker for ROH, meaning his in-ring return is doubtful, but nothing has been ruled out so I’m keeping him on the active roster just in case.


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