Eddie Edwards

Nicknames: Die Hard

Height: 6′

Weight: 214lbs

From: Boston, Massachussetts

ROH Debut: 2006

Years Pro: 8

Trained By: Killer Kowalski

Allies: Davey Richards

Rivals: Shane Hagadorn, The Kings of Wrestling

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion, ROH World Television Champion (current), Survival of the Fittest 2010 Winner

Finishers: Achilles Lock, 2K1 Bomb, Lionsault, Chin Checker

Signature Moves: Superkick, Enzuigiri, Sitout F-5, Front Missile Dropkick


Though confident in his abilities, Edwards is somewhat withdrawn in comparison to his partner Davey Richards. Edwards lets his in-ring ability do all the talking, and just like his fellow American Wolf, believes in the glory of the fight. He is determined to prove himself every bit the singles wrestler that Richards is.


Edwards is a very well-rounded wrestler, utilizing a nice array of kicks, high flying moves and surprising power for his size. Almost everything Edwards does is high-impact. The development of his Achilles Lock finisher over the last year has made him even more dangerous and taken him to solo success.

Career Summary

– Edwards made sporadic unsuccessful appearances in ROH beginning at the end of 2006, but despite his inability to win many matches, his potential caught the eyes of super agent Larry Sweeney and he was invited to join Sweet ‘N’ Sour Inc. where he quickly found increased success. Like stablemates Chris Hero and Davey Richards, Edwards found himself taking part in tours of Pro Wrestling NOAH at the behest of Sweeney to improve his skills.

– Upon returning from Japan, Edwards was placed in a tag team with Richards called the American Wolves. The pair’s styles immediately meshed and they sent a statement to the entire tag team division by injuring Mark Briscoe and Kevin Steen. The Wolves gunned for the tag team titles and quickly won them, going on a tear for the rest of the year and turning back all comers, particularly Kevin Steen & El Generico. Unfortunately he would suffer a broken elbow during a match with Steen, but remarkably competed in the second ever Ladder War the next night. He was permitted to take time off to heal his elbow while Richards competed in singles action, with the pair keeping the tag team titles until Edwards was ready to return. When he eventually did so, the Wolves lost the titles to the Briscoes.

– His time teaming with Richards led to vast improvement in the skills of Edwards, something he demonstrated by winning a tournament to crown the first ROH World Television Champion, defeating Richards in the finals. For the first few months of his reign Edwards refused to give anyone a title shot unless they could survive 10 minutes in the ring with him and he proceeded to mow through far inferior competition. This would all change when his partner began to have issues with Shane Hagadorn, and Edwards ultimately decided to shun their manager as well, claiming he wanted to be a fighting champion. Since then he has defended the title against the likes of Rhett Titus, Kenny King, and Colt Cabana, as well as impressing in a losing effort in non-title match against then-world champion Tyler Black.

Current Storylines

Edwards is seeking to prove that he is no joke, capable of carrying not only the Television Title but also perhaps one day the world title. He made tremendous progress in this effort by managing to win the 2010 Survival of the Fittest, overcoming a separated shoulder to do so and earn a future world title shot for himself.



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