El Generico

Nicknames: The Generic Luchador

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 190lbs

From: Tijuana, Canada

ROH Debut: 2005

Years Pro: 8

Trained By: Patrick “Patty the Kid” Smart, Jerry Tuite, Savio Vega

Allies: Colt Cabana

Rivals: Kevin Steen, Steve Corino

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion

Finishers: Brainbustaaahhhh!!!!!, Brainbuster

Signature Moves: Superfly Splash, Yakuza Kick, Half and Half Suplex, Tornado DDT


As his name suggests, Generico fashions himself after a generic Mexican wrestler, complete with mask, cape, and ‘Ole!’ catchphrase. A happy-go-lucky kind of wrestler, Generico enjoys having fun in the ring and draws energy from the crowd’s positive responses, although he is known to have a killer instinct when pushed to his limit.


Logically, Generico’s primary offence is lucha libre, from his takedowns to his high-flying antics. Despite his playful nature, Generico is one of the most underrated in-ring competitors in the world, more than capable of hanging with the finest junior heavyweights in the world.

Career Summary

– Generico debuted in ROH in 2005 losing all but one of his matches in an initial run in which the fans did not welcome him or Kevin Steen. After returning in late 2006 the pair formed an unlikely duo seeking to prove the fans wrong, and spent most of 2007 engaged in a violent rivalry with ROH World Tag Team Champions the Briscoes, but only managed to win one of their matches against them, a non-title affair. The feud culminated in the first ever Ladder War. This rivalry earned the pair the respect of the fans and permanent roster spots.

– Generico had also begun to make strides in his singles career, advancing to the finals of the Race to the Top Tournament, and thrice taking ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness to his limit. Generico would also put on show stealing efforts notably against the likes of Kota Ibushi and Bryan Danielson, and took part in a short tour of the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan.

– In 2008 Steen & Generico made good on their promise to capture a championship, defeating the Age of the Fall for the tag team titles to avenge a loss to them in a one-night tournament earlier in the year. The pair turned back challenges from the finest teams in the world for six months before finally losing to their new rivals the American Wolves who would later injure Generico’s knee. Steenerico were unsuccessful in their many attempts to recapture the titles, causing Steen to become depressed. The duo would bounce back to some extent with two victories over the Young Bucks, but would also be defeated in a shock upset by the Super Smash Bros. After the Bucks defeated them in a second rematch at the end of 2009 Steen teased retirement but instead viciously assaulted Generico, sending him into a state of depression.

– Thanks to the help of Colt Cabana Generico gradually came out of his state of shock, but it took him four months to bring himself to put his hands on his former best friend, who was now assisted by the devious Steve Corino. The four men met in a series of violent matches but it would be six months since the pair split that Generico and Steen would finally meet in a singles match which Steen won after use of a foreign object. Generico won a rematch by disqualification, and he and Cabana defeated Steen and Corino in a brutal double-chain match, but Steen had the last laugh, unmasking Generico and causing him to flee covering his face.

Current Storylines

Generico’s hatred for Kevin Steen has led to them agreeing to one final match in their epic saga, one with intense ramifications. If Steen loses he will leave ROH, but if Generico is defeated he will remove his mask for the world to see. Hell-bent on the destruction of Steen, Generico has donned a new all-black look, and will go it alone now that Colt Cabana and Steve Corino have abandoned their respective allies.


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