Erick Stevens

Nicknames: The Ghanaian Freight Train

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 238lbs

From: Sarasota, Florida

ROH Debut: 2007

Years Pro: 7

Trained By: Roderick Strong

Allies: The Embassy

Rivals: Grizzly Redwood, Dark City Fight Club, Eddie Edwards

Career Highlights: FIP World Heavyweight Champion (x2)

Finishers: Doctor Bomb, Ghanarhea, Elevated Lariat

Signature Moves: Choo-Choo, Lariat, Release German Suplex, Powerslam


Steen is loyal to Prince Nana and the Embassy, priding himself as the monster of the group, believing no man can out-power him. He is often overconfident however.


The training of Roderick Strong is evident in Stevens given how hard he hits. Due to his greater size, he may even hit harder than his mentor. Using his nearly unbridled power, Stevens likes to toss, slam, and brutalize his opponents. In recent months he has mirrored Strong by trimming some muscle mass to increase his speed.

Career Summary

– Stevens made quite a name for himself in ROH by debuting in 2007 and dominating any opponent put in his path in a short amount of time. He impressed Austin Aries enough to be the first recruit for his Resilience faction and was thus drafted into the war against Roderick Strong’s No Remorse Corps. Though the Resilience lost the feud and disbanded, Stevens’ rivalry with Strong continued beyond the existence of the group and the pair beat the hell out of each other into mid 2008, trading the FIP World Heavyweight Title in the process. Strong finally defeated Stevens in a Fight Without Honor to settle their grudge.

– Soon however, the pair found themselves as unlikely allies due to mutual enemies in Larry Sweeney and his Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc. faction, recruiting former SnS member Brent Albright for their cause. This trio would war with Sweet n Sour Inc. well into 2009, finally winning a five on five cage match. Stevens would also be an occasional ally of the Briscoes.

– Stevens shocked ROH by returning from some time off and joining Prince Nana’s Embassy faction in late 2009, declaring himself the group’s monster. At Nana’s behest he would battle the Necro Butcher for several months, before hospitalising him. Stevens would then begin a rivalry with Necro’s friend Grizzly Redwood, being embarrassed by him on a couple of occasions in upset losses, but more often destroying him. Shockingly, Necro would join the Embassy due to his inability to pay his hospital bills without the financial aid of Prince Nana. The duo began a feud with the Dark City Fight Club, as well as unsuccessfully chasing the ROH Tag Team and ROH TV titles.

Current Storylines

Stevens is currently on hiatus from ROH for several months, but is expected to return some time in 2011.


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