Nicknames: Notorious 187

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 205lbs

From: “Bed-Stuy Do or Die” Brooklyn, New York

ROH Debut: 2002

Years Pro: 17

Trained By: Manny Fernandez

Allies: None

Rivals: Roderick Strong

Career Highlights: ROH World Champion, 2005 ROH Trios Tournament Winner

Finishers: Da Cop Killa, Ace Crusher, West Brooklyn Lariat, STF

Signature Moves: Belly to Belly Suplex, Tope con Hilo, Facewash


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Homicide embraces the thug lifestyle and brings it with him to his ROH persona. He loves to fight and thus craves competition against anyone and everyone, making very few friends and a lot of enemies.


Homicide is primarily a brawler, and in terms of sheer toughness may have no equal. He is also a surprisingly capable wrestler, with a variety of suplexes in his arsenal. From time to time he is known to take to the air as well, particularly for his trademark tope con hilo dive.

Career Summary

Homicide wrestled on the very first ROH show, starting out as a tag team specialist, but soon moved on to singles competition and began a bloody four year feud with Steve Corino, trading violent victories. After a little time off, Homicide returned to feud with Samoa Joe, a rivalry that frustrated Homicide to the point that he began to cheat and assault referees, even throwing a fireball at Joe. Known for his violent temper, Homicide soon recruited Low Ki, Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes to form the Rottweilers.

In 2005 Homicide engaged Bryan Danielson in a best of five series under a variety of stipulations, and was ultimately unsuccessful. The Rottweilers then feuded with Jay Lethal, James Gibson and Matt Hardy. Homicide’s next major feud with with Colt Cabana, a war in which Homicide committed several horrifically violent acts against Cabana. After defeating Colt on many occasions, Homicide finally offered him his respect after Cabana won a Chicago Street Fight against him.

Homicide then began a long path to redemption, acting as the leader of ROH in their war with the invading CZW, fending off the likes of Necro Butcher and Chris Hero, and scoring the deciding pin that would give victory to Team ROH in a Cage of Death match. He declared that if he did not win the world title by the end of the year he would quit the company. Homicide achieved his goal at the final show of the year, defeating old rival Bryan Danielson.

Homicide defended the title three times before being stunned in a loss against visiting Japanese wrestler Takeshi Morishima. Homicide faced off against a variety of opponents in the coming months before leaving the company due to his commitments to TNA wrestling. He would return more than a year alter with his partner Hernandez for a pair of tag team matches.

Echoing the return of fellow ROH alumni Christopher Daniels, Homicide shocked the world by returning to ROH in iPPV, coming to the ring and confronting new champion Roderick Strong.

Current Storylines

Homicide’s top priority is of course the ROH World Title, and he’s willing to go through anyone and everyone to capture it. Ghosts of his past continue to haunt Homicide as he engaged Jay Briscoe in a short rivalry, not able to forget their past together. Meanwhile he believes he is being overlooked for a title shot because of his history with Jim Cornette.


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