Jerry Lynn

Nicknames: The “New” F’n Show

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 212lbs

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

ROH Debut: 2002

Years Pro: 22

Trained By: Francisco Abarca, Brad Rheingans, Eddie Sharkey

Allies: Delirious

Rivals: Kenny King, Rhett Titus

Career Highlights: ROH World Champion, ECW World Champion

Finishers: Cradle Piledriver, Cross Armbreaker

Signature Moves: Sunset Bomb, Tornado DDT, TKO, Air Raid Crash, Inverted DDT


A veteran of the wrestling business, Lynn simply seeks to prove he can still cut it with the young talent of the modern era. He values respect above all else.


Despite his years Lynn continues to wrestle a very athletic style, flying around the ring with the ease of someone half his age. He also possesses very sharp technical skills to compliment his fast-paced style. Finally, Lynn can hold his own in a brawl, thanks in part to his time in ECW.

Career Summary

– Lynn debuted in ROH in 2002, attempting to become the first ROH Champion but failing. He would make sporadic appearances over the next few years, including a victory over Nigel McGuinness in 2004. He returned to the company in 2008, challenging McGuinness, now world champion, to a non-title match which he came up short in. Some time later he would lose to Chris Hero in PPV before picking up his first victory against the young prospect Kenny King in a show-stealing match at Glory by Honor VII to earn full-time roster status.

– Lynn struck up a friendship with Bryan Danielson teaming with and wrestling a pair of matches against him, with each man winning one match respectively. After McGuinness mocked Lynn the two had a rematch, this time with the title on the line but Nigel cheated to win. Lynn offered him a handshake but he refused and mocked him even further. Lynn attempted to congratulate McGuinness after he retained his title over Naomichi Marufuji a few weeks later but Nigel accused him of being washed up and trying to steal the spotlight, angering Lynn further. He also befriended Tyler Black, encouraging him in his quest to defeat McGuinness for the world title.

– Lynn wrestled in the very first ROH Television match, defeating Delirious as a part of his short feud with the Age of the Fall as a result of his friendship with Tyler Black and the Necro Butcher. He never took his eyes off Nigel McGuinness however and succeeded where everybody else had failed and defeating him for the ROH World Title at Supercard of Honor IV. As champion, Lynn had four successful one on one defences as well as a pair of four corner survivals, but lost to Tyler in a non-title match. He would later lose the world title to Austin Aries in an elimination triple threat match also involving Black who pinned him to eliminate him from the match.

– After losing a match against Kenny King during a TV taping, Lynn was attacked by King and his partner Rhett Titus and they administered a brutal spike piledriver which put Lynn out of action for over 6 months. Lynn defeated King in his first match back but the referee reversed the decision after he gave King a Cradle Piledriver on a chair after the match. The pair faced off one more time in a no disqualification match which Lynn won. He would also engage Steve Corino in a very brief feud, but continued to hold a grudge against King, Titus and old rival Austin Aries, coming to the aid of Delirious in his war against the three.

Current Storylines

Lynn was last seen in ROH competing in tag matches with Delirious against the All-Night Express. He is currently out of action with a back injury, but with his partner Delirious out of action indefinitely, and his friend Tyler Black gone from ROH it is unclear what Lynn will do when he eventually returns to active competition. The ROH World Title cannot be far from his mind.


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