Kenny King

Nicknames: The Pretty-Boy Pit-Bull, “Killer” Kenny King

Height: 6′

Weight: 230lbs

From: Las Vegas, Nevada

ROH Debut: 2007

Years Pro: 8

Trained By: Al Snow, Chavo Guerrero, Nick Bockwinkel, Scott Casey

Allies: Rhett Titus, Austin Aries

Rivals: Jerry Lynn, The Briscoes, Delirious

Career Highlights: None

Finishers: Coronation, Royal Flush

Signature Moves: Springboard Blockbuster, Spinebuster, Helicopter Kick, Cartwheel Kick


Much like his cohorts Aries and Titus, King is very arrogant and braggadocios, fashioning himself after egotistical athletes such as Terrell Owens. King believes he is destined for greatness and that nobody can stand in his way.


King’s greatest weapon is his incredible athleticism, and he may well be the best pure-athlete on the roster. Known for his leaping ability and a knack for landing on his feet, King unleashes a series of strong kicks to deal damage to his opponents. He is also remarkably strong, favouring high impact offence over technical ground work. Like his partner, he will not hesitate to stop to pose and taunt the fans.

Career Summary

– King was a contestant on the short-lived WWE Tough Enough, impressing trainers and reaching the final four. After failing to win the show he sought further training and would debut for ROH in late 2007 alongside his group the YRR, immediately impressing the fans despite his arrogant attitude. He was initially unsuccessful, being defeated by the likes of Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, Kenny Omega and Jerry Lynn with whom he would have a show-stealing match with.

– King formed a team with Rhett Titus and they unsuccessfully challenged for the ROH World Tag Team Titles in 2008. Despite their lack of success, they got the attention of Austin Aries, who helped them win their first match and then took them under his wing. With Aries as a mentor, the pair found new success as a team and as individuals, winning and losing in a more equal measure.

– King sparked a long personal rivalry with Jerry Lynn be putting him out of action with Titus’ help with a spike piledriver. Spending the rest of the year helping Aries in his feud against Tyler Black, King began to show some main event promise. He would be defeated by Lynn when he finally returned, but the referee reversed the decision after Lynn continued his attack after the match. The two continued to feud after this.

– King, Titus and Aries began to exhibit some problems and teased parting ways, but ultimately stayed together as a unit, with Aries dubbing the two the All-Night Express and promising to take them to the top of the tag team division as their manager. True to his word, the pair reached the finals of Tag Wars 2010, and helped Aries put Delirious out of action. King has also found increased singles success, defeating Roderick Strong and being impressive in losses to Davey Richards and ROH World Champion Tyler Black in King’s first title match.

Current Storylines

It’s more of the same for King as he attempts to continue his ascension to the top of the company, both in his team with Rhett Titus, and as a singles competitor, having recently signed a contract extension with the company. With his nemesis Jerry Lynn absent for several months, and Delirious out of action indefinitely, he has been able to do both, earning a tag team title shot against the Kings of Wrestling with Titus, and reaching the final two of the 2010 Survival of the Fittest.


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