Kevin Steen

Nicknames: Mr. Wrestling

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 238lbs

From: Marieville, Quebec, Canada

ROH Debut: 2005

Years Pro: 11

Trained By: Jacques Rougeau, Pierre Carl Oullet

Allies: Steve Corino

Rivals: El Generico, Colt Cabana

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion

Finishers: Package Piledriver, Sharpshooter, Crossface, Swanton Bomb

Signature Moves: Pumphandle Fisherman Buster, Moonsault, Powerbomb, Superkick


Steen is a narcissistic bully, taking pleasure in hurting others and caring only about himself, and his only friend Steve Corino. Often heckled by the fans for being sick, Steen has displayed numerous instances of disgusting behaviour, notably licking the blood of his opponents. Claiming he has a therapist, Steen at times seems dangerously unbalanced.


Steen calls the ring his weapon, and his devastating and varied arsenal proves this. Primarily using his power and brawling ability, Steen is also remarkably agile and will take to the air. Steen’s ultimate goal is often to injure his opponents, and he revels in standing over them and taunting the fans as he delivers a beating.

Career Summary

– Steen debuted in ROH in 2005, wrestling a handful of matches over the next year, losing nearly all of them, and was not at all liked by the fans, who accused him of not being worth of a roster spot. Following a length absence, Steen would return in early 2007 and form a team with El Generico, whom had suffered similar treatment, and the pair vowed to prove their worth despite seemingly not getting along. Indeed Generico did not approve of Steen’s unsporting tactics in their feud with ROH World Tag Team Champions the Briscoes. Steenerico would lose all but one of their matches with them, a non-title Boston street fight, with the final match between the two teams being a Ladder War. Despite losing the feud, Steen and Generico won the respect of the fans.

– Due to Generico’s influence, Steen began to change his attitude slightly, becoming a fan favourite, and would challenge ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness, losing in controversial fashion on two occasions. Steen nonetheless vowed to win a title before the end of 2008. He and Generico did just that, defeating the Age of the Fall to capture the tag team titles and avenge a loss in a tournament for the vacant titles earlier in the year. As champions, the pair proved highly successful, reigning for six months before being defeated by the American Wolves who had targeted both mens knees leading up to their title match.

– Steenerico were determined to recapture the titles and battled the Wolves for most of 2009, losing all but one of their encounters, much like they had with the Briscoes. Steen refused to admit it, but his knee was in terrible condition and he came to blame himself for their loss in the deciding match of the rivalry, the second Ladder War. Steen became despondent, gaining weight and growing his beard out, whilst becoming noticeably quieter. The duo got back on track with two wins over young rivals the Young Bucks, but would lose in their third match. After the match Steen publicly contemplated retirement but instead assaulted Generico, sporting a disturbing smile as he did so.

– Steen befriended the newly returned Steve Corino, and together the pair attempted to move on from Generico so that Steen could become the World Champion. Unfortunately Generico and Colt Cabana had other ideas, and the four men have been engaged in a violent war ever since. Early on Steen took advantage of Generico’s depression, mocking him for his inability to fight back, but eventually his former partner found it within himself to attack him. Steen won the first singles meeting between the two but lost the second via disqualification after assaulting him with a chair. Steen also attempted to “save” ROH World Champion Tyler Black, and was perhaps successful as Black exhibited a dramatic personality change after defeating Steen in a bloody title match.

Current Storylines

Despite losing a double chain match to Generico and Cabana, Steen had the last laugh when he unmasked Generico, forcing him to flee covering his face. Steen now sports the mask like a trophy, at times talking to it like it is Generico. The pair have agreed to settle their feud once and for all at Final Battle with Generico’s mask on the line. In fact, Steen is so sure that he will defeat Generico and force him to unmask that if he fails to do so he will leave ROH. He will go into this final battle alone though, as Steve Corino has declared him uncontrollable.


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