Mark Briscoe

Nicknames: Crazy

Height: 6′

Weight: 200lbs

From: Sandy Fork, Delaware

ROH Debut: 2002

Years Pro: 10

Trained By: Van Hammer, ECWA Wrestletech, Glenn Osborne, CZW Training School, Jon Dahmer

Allies: Jay Briscoe, Christopher Daniels

Rivals: The Kings of Wrestling, The All-Night Express, Austin Aries

Career Highlights: ROH World Tag Team Champion (x6)

Finishers: Cut-Throat Driver, Shooting Star Press

Signature Moves: Fisherman Buster, Ace Crusher, Moonsault, Enzugiri, Exploder Suplex


Mark, much like Jay, will never back down from a fight, even if it would be in his best interests to do so. Mark is thought to be completely fearless in the ring, putting his life on the line on several occasions. He is actually the calmer of the two. He and his brother are known for their love for drinking, guns and pit-bulls outside of the ring.


The high flyer of the Briscoes, Mark will take to the air without a moment’s hesitation, although a long list of injuries have made him tone down his wilder flying moves in recent times. He is a surprisingly gifted technical wrestler, known for an array of suplexes and takedowns. His bizarre trademark is “Redneck Kung Fu”, a baffling array of martial arts strikes.

Career Summary

– Mark accompanied his brother to the ring for the very first match in ROH history, too young to wrestle himself. When he finally did debut he defeated Jay in a singles match, sparking a short rivalry between the two with Mark briefly joining the Prophecy. Jay defeated Mark in a match at the First Anniversary Show and the pair hugged afterwards, beginning their climb to ROH legend status as a tag team.

– The Briscoes chased the ROH Tag Team Titles for most of 2003, finally winning them after aligning with Jim Cornette. They also made separate unsuccessful attempts to unseat new ROH Champion Samoa Joe after they each pinned him in tag team matches. They would also trade the titles back and forth with The Second City Saints and the Prophecy during 2004. When Mark was injured Jay elected to step away from wrestling also, not wishing to compete in singles competition.

– Jay and Mark returned to ROH in 2006 and again chased the tag team titles, but they would not succeed in capturing the belts for a third time until 2007, though they lost them in their first defence against visiting talents Shingo and Naruki Doi. The brothers faced each other in a match the next night in order to refocus and battled to a draw. The next night they won the belts back, with Jay taking on both men at once after Mark was severely injured during a dive to the outside.

– After Mark recovered the pair entered into a long and violent feud with Kevin Steen and El Generico, defeating them in several matches, including the culmination of their feud, the first ever Ladder War. After the match the Briscoes were assaulted by the debuting Age of the Fall who hung a profusely bleeding Jay upside down from the ceiling. The Briscoes warred with the group but ended up losing the tag team titles to them at Final Battle 07. Despite winning the titles back months later, Mark had been suffering with several injuries and thus the brothers were forced to vacate the belts not long after winning them as Jay did not wish to choose a replacement partner. They would finally settle their feud with the Age of the Fall in the months that followed in a series of violent matches.

– After winning a dream match against Kensuke Sasaki and his protege Katsuhiko Nakajima, the Briscoes were attacked by new team The American Wolves who injured Mark’s knee, leaving Jay to wrestle in singles competition for most of 2009. Once Mark returned to action the pair again gunned for the ROH World Tag Team Titles, held by the team that took Mark out, the American Wolves, ultimately defeating them at Final Battle 09 to become six time tag team champions. Moments after winning the belts however they were attacked by the newly reunited Kings of Wrestling, who would go on to defeat them for their titles at the Big Bang. The Briscoes have been seeking revenge in this deeply personal war ever since, as well as engaging in a brief feud with the All-Night Express.

Current Storylines

Despite their love for the ROH World Tag Team Titles, the Briscoes have declared they are no longer interested in the belts, and instead simply wish to make the Kings pay for everything they have done to them, most notably assaulting their father Mike Briscoe. To this end, the Briscoes will team with their father to face the Kings and their manager Shane Hagadorn at Final Battle, one year after the rivalry first began.


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