Rhett Titus

Nicknames: Addicted to Love, Rhettski the Jetski

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 203lbs

From: “The Temple of Lust”, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

ROH Debut: 2006

Years Pro: 4

Trained By: Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson

Allies: Kenny King, Austin Aries

Rivals: The Briscoes, Delirious, Jerry Lynn

Career Highlights: ROH Top of the Class Trophy Winner (final)

Finishers: Muff Driver, Frog Splash, Super Sex Factor

Signature Moves: Sex Factor, Thrust Buster, Dropkick


A self-proclaimed ladies man, or rather, THE self-proclaimed ladies man, Titus spends a great deal of his time posing and trying to impress the women in the audience. As a part of his trademark entrance he gives out key cards to his hotel room to any ladies he spots in the front row.


Despite his braggadocios attitude, Titus is a phenomenal athlete, something he demonstrates in the ring on a regular basis, using his leaping ability for several of his trademark moves. Titus is also surprisingly strong, giving him a great deal of potential.

Career Summary

– After training in the ROH academy under Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson, Titus competed in dark matches for the first two years of his career until he won the Top of the Class Trophy, which he amusingly had repeatedly extended. In mid-2008 he began to pursue Daizee Haze, beginning a rivalry with Delirious in the process. Titus began showing a video on his phone to various members of the ROH roster, which he finally claimed was a recording of himself and Haze having sex. After Delirious found out he joined Jimmy Jacobs’ Age of the Fall and violently assaulted Titus, destroying the Top of the Class Trophy. Daizee would later force Titus to admit he was a virgin.

– Titus struck up a friendship with ROH newcomer Kenny King, and the pair would team together unsuccessfully. It was at this point that Austin Aries noticed them and took them under his wing, helping them win their first match as a team. Under Aries’ tutelage, Titus would improve as a wrestler, picking up sporadic victories in singles and tag team competition.

– Titus spent the next year helping Aries and King in their feuds against the likes of Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn, but the trio would begin to show a little dissension towards the end of 2009 and early 2010. Ultimately they remained united, and Aries dubbed King and Titus the All-Night Express, promising to manage them to the top of the tag team rankings. The pair picked up more wins than ever, feuding with Delirious and Jerry Lynn, and advancing to the finals of Tag Wars 2010.

Current Storylines

The All-Night Express continue their rise to the top of the tag team division having taken Delirious out of action at Aries’ request. They have since begun a feud with the Briscoes, but their sights are set on the World Tag Team Titles.


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