Roderick Strong

Nicknames: The Messiah of the Backbreaker

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 212lbs

From: Tampa, Florida

ROH Debut: 2004

Years Pro: 10

Trained By: Jim Neidhart, The Warlord, Prince Iaukea, Tim Mahoney

Allies: Truth Martini, The House of Truth

Rivals: Davey Richards, Homicide, Christopher Daniels

Career Highlights: ROH World Champion (current), ROH World Tag Team Champion, 2005 Survival of the Fittest Winner, 2010 Toronto Gauntlet Winner

Finishers: Strong Hold, Sick Kick, Gibson Driver

Signature Moves: Gutbuster, Various Backbreakers, Enzuigiri, Stiff Chops, High Knee Strike


For much of his career Roderick was accused of being somewhat boring due to being soft-spoken. In recent times however he has developed a very paranoid personality, believing ROH management are out to get him, causing him to turn to Truth Martini who has instilled increased confidence in him.


Strong is known for his near unrivalled ability to hit incredibly hard, punishing his opponents with some of the stiffest chops in wrestling, as well as an array of kicks and his trademark backbreakers, of which he knows a seemingly limitless number. Over the last year he has trimmed his muscle mass in order to gain increased speed and conditioning, allowing him to wear out his opponents even more effectively.

Career Summary

– Debuting in 2004, Roderick quickly joined Alex Shelley’s Generation Next stable, a group of young wrestlers intent on taking the top spots in the company for themselves. Strong was considered the enforcer of the group, and formed a tag team with Jack Evans that, whilst successful and popular, never managed to capture the tag team titles.

– In 2005 Strong was unofficially dubbed the MVP of the company after a plethora of fantastic outings against the top competition in ROH, as well as his Survival of the Fittest victory. He would also defeat James Gibson in his final ROH match, adopting his finisher as a tribute to him. This year also marked the start of a long streak of unsuccessful World Title matches. He would cap off 2005 by winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles with Austin Aries and the pair elected to disband their faction to focus on tag team competition.

– After a 9 month reign the duo lost their titles and a few months later Roderick would turn on Aries and start his own group, the No Remorse Corps with Davey Richards and Rocky Romero. The NRC would spend a good portion of 2007 feuding with and ultimately defeating Aries’ Resilience faction. Roderick would also bring the FIP World Heavyweight Championship to ROH and defend it against the top talent in the company. As an off-shoot of his feud with Aries’ group he would find a new rival in Erick Stevens with whom he traded the FIP World Title during a long feud that lasted into 2008. Strong ultimately won their rivalry in a Fight Without Honor, but after the match Davey Richards turned on him and signed with Larry Sweeney, who had been trying to buy out the NRC.

– With the NRC disbanded, the fans began to get behind Roddy again as he sought revenge on Larry Sweeney and his Sweet ‘N’ Sour Inc. faction, finding unlikely allies in Stevens and former SnS member Brent Albright. The three would combat Sweeney’s troops in various combinations over the next year.

– Roddy got into the best shape of his career in 2009 and began to knock off big name opponents, including former world champions Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness and Austin Aries, as well as young prospects Tyler Black and Kenny Omega, making his intentions to finally capture the world title clear. After helping Black capture the world title by acting as a ringside judge during his title bout with Aries he demanded the first shot at the belt, but was only granted it in a triple threat match, something he saw as a sleight against him. A series of controversial losses and unmet demands led to Strong believing management was out to get him.

– Taking Roddy’s side, Truth Martini offered to become Strong’s life coach, and with his help Roderick began an undefeated streak, winning the Toronto Gauntlet and ultimately achieving his goal of capturing the World Title on his 17th try.

Current Storylines

Now that he is finally the World Champion, Strong is learning the difficulties of being on top as a series of challengers have lined up to try and unseat him. But with Martini and the House of Truth at his side, and his undefeated streak still in tact, Roddy plans to be champion for a long time to come.


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