Shawn Daivari

Nicknames: None

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 189lbs

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

ROH Debut: 2010

Years Pro: 10

Trained By: Eddie Sharkey, Adnan El Kassey, Tom Prichard

Allies: The Embassy

Rivals: Eddie Edwards, Grizzly Redwood, Dark City Fight Club

Career Highlights: None

Finishers: Camel Clutch, WMDDT

Signature Moves: Neckbreaker, Flying Knee Strike, Missile Dropkick


Sick of the stereotypes inflicted upon him from previous employers, Daivari is keen to point out that he is an American, not a terrorist. Nonetheless, he feels that as an American he has more right to critique his fellow countrymen, feeling his above everyone else, with the exception of his Embassy teammates.


Having spent so long in the WWE, he still wrestles their style, namely a slow and methodical one. Never afraid to cut corners, Daivari is an expert at breaking the rules, but is still a formidable opponent capable of picking his opponent apart.

Career Summary

– Touted as the latest member of the Embassy, Daivari debuted for ROH in 2010 initially dressed in his former Sheik attire, though he quickly tossed it aside and informed the crowd he was not a terrorist. After criticising the American way of life, Daivari began to compete as a member of the Embassy, battling the likes of the Dark City Fight Club and Grizzly Redwood.

Current Storylines

Daivari is keen to be the first member of the Embassy to wear gold, though he failed to defeat Eddie Edwards for the TV Title and is thus, like the rest of the Embassy, in Nana’s bad books. It is unclear if he will return to the group in 2011.


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