Steve Corino

Nicknames: The Trouble King

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 242

From: Sea Isle City, New Jersey (originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

ROH Debut: 2002

Years Pro: 16

Trained By: King Kaluha, Mark Mest, Tom Brandi

Allies: Kevin Steen

Rivals: Colt Cabana, El Generico, Jerry Lynn

Career Highlights: ECW World Heavyweight Champion

Finishers: Eternal Dream, Northern Lights Bomb, Old School Expulsion

Signature Moves: Lariat, Superkick, STO, German Suplex, DDT


Steve Corino is known for his deviousness and cunning, somewhat of an evil genius, he has no problems admitting that he is a bully. Despite his large ego, Corino seems to have no championship aspirations of his own, and instead wishes to take his protege Kevin Steen to the top.


Formerly known as the King of Old School, Corino uses a very traditional American style. He has a flair for violence and is a gifted brawler with disturbing creativity with all manner of weaponry. Corino possesses deceptive power, and uses it for his array of stiff strikes.

Career Summary

– Corino spent almost all of his first four years in ROH locked in a violent on and off war with Homicide that spawned from the two coming to blows after miscommunication in a tag team match together. Corino would spend months criticising Homicide’s character and past leading to what was supposed to be the culmination of their feud in New York. Corino won thanks to interference from his stable known only as The Group. Its ranks included Samoa Joe, Alex Shane and CW Anderson among others. After the match Corino choked Homicide out and instigated a riot from the New York fans.

– Six months later Homicide won a violent match that saw Corino permanently lose hearing in one ear. Their rubber match would come in the form of a barbed wire war two months later in which Corino won by choking Homicide with barbed wire. He offered his rival a handshake after the match but it was turned down. Two years later Corino and Colt Cabana defeated Homicide and Low Ki in a tag team match to reignite their feud, with Cabana acting as Corino’s ally, helping Corino win another singles match with Homicide. Nearly a year later their feud was finally settled once and for all in a Fight Without Honor which Homicide won and as a result the pair shook hands and Corino’s head was shaved.

– Three years later Corino was announced to be returning to ROH and was later revealed to have struck up a friendship with Kevin Steen, influencing him to turn on his best friend El Generico. Since then Corino has acted as the friend, advisor and partner of Steen, wishing to take him to the top of the company so that he can move on from Generico. Unfortunately for Corino, his old ally Colt Cabana elected to help Generico in his search for redemption, causing Corino and Steen to begin a feud with them both that has lasted all year. Corino has proven to be every bit as disturbed as Steen, using a multitude of weapons, including a fork, and has even brought his 15 year old son Colby into the fray on three different occasions to the disgust of the ROH fans.

Current Storylines

After losing to Colt Cabana in an I Quit match he declared his issue with him over. He has also come to find Kevin Steen too wild for him to control anymore, seemingly abandoning him, though it is presumed if Steen wins his war with Generico that the two will reunite.


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