Austin Aries

Nicknames: A-Double, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, The MV3, Mr. It

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 202lbs

From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

ROH Debut: 2004

Years Pro: 10

Trained By: Eddie Sharkey, Terry Fox

Allies: Kenny King, Rhett Titus, Tammy Sytch (Sunny)

Rivals: Delirious, Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels

Career Highlights: ROH World Champion (x2) World Tag Team Champion

Finishers: Brainbuster, Last Chancery, 450 Splash, Knee Strikes

Signature Moves: I.E.D., Heat Seeking Missile, Powerdrive Elbow, Shinbreaker/Suplex Combo


Perhaps the most arrogant man in ROH, Aries is known for demanding microphone time before every match to put himself over and insult his opponent. He has a penchant for flamboyant clothing and in recent times a pipe. Prides himself on being sleazy and crude.


Aries’ main weapons are his incredible conditioning, athleticism and cunning. Never afraid to bend the rules, Aries will take any advantage an opponent affords him. He has no problems taking to the air to deal damage, but is also a reasonably gifted technical wrestler. He is famously capable of escaping a headscissors with ease.

Career Summary

– Aries debuted for ROH in 2004 and was handpicked by Alex Shelley as a part of the Generation Next faction, a young group intent on taking respect rather than earning it. Aries was an immediate success, winning the ROH Championship at the end of the year by unseating Samoa Joe. Over the course of his six month reign of non-stop defences, Aries was the one responsible for turning the title into a World Championship by defending the belt overseas. Also during his time as champion he usurped Shelley as the leader of Generation Next. He eventually lost the title to CM Punk.

– Aries soon moved on to tag team success with stablemate Roderick Strong and the pair captured the ROH Tag Team Titles, transforming those into World Titles too, and during the course of their record breaking reign the pair decided to disband Generation Next. After losing the titles Roderick turned on Aries and formed a faction called the No Remorse Corps. Aries decided to form a group called The Resilience to counter them, choosing Erick Stevens and Matt Cross as members. The two groups warred for several months but the NRC ultimately came out on top.

– Wishing to focus on the world title, Aries disbanded the Resilience and challenged Nigel McGuinness for the belt but failed on two occasions, causing Jimmy Jacobs to offer him a spot on his Age of the Fall group. Aries turned Jimmy down repeatedly and even stole Jacobs’ girlfriend Lacey, starting a long and extremely violent war between the two. Aries won the feud in an I Quit Match but was changed by it, seemingly snapping and assaulting Tyler Black and even forming an uneasy alliance with Jacobs. He would then completely change his look and attitude and took Kenny King and Rhett Titus under his wing.

– Aries went on to become the first ever two-time ROH World Champion. He notoriously evaded true competition for his belt, holding a clearly rigged Lucky Lottery to determine challengers, and cheating to defeat any legitimate competition that came his way. Most notably, he tried to avoid a confrontation with Tyler Black at all costs, but ultimately his nemesis would unseat him to capture the title. Aries seemed unable to best Tyler in a feud that went on to include Aries’ former partner and enemy Roderick Strong, and stopped challenging for the World Title, instead wishing to become a manager. He did however find himself in a war with Delirious after injuring him, and though he lost the final match of the feud, he had the last laugh when King & Titus put Delirious out of action indefinitely.

Leaving ROH

Aries’ lost his final two ROH matches against Christopher Daniels on iPPV and ROH World Champion Roderick Strong in a non-title match at some TV Tapings. Reports surfaced shortly afterward that Aries was one of several talents leaving the company on hiatus but unlike the others he was unlikely to return. He has since accepted work with Dragon Gate USA and Evolve, and will likely work for PWG as well.


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